What is Buzzient

Without Buzzient you have a Social Last Mile Problem

With Buzzient your Social Last Mile Problem is Solved

Buzzient is an application  that enables social business transformation and solves the “Social Last Mile” problem by transparently bringing harvested social content into existing on-premises and SaaS enterprise apps like CRM…


 According to the keywords you want to listen for…


 Along with the ability to automatically turn social posts into familiar and actionable objects like service requests, so theycan be treated just like emails and calls…


 Giving users the ability to respond to posts from WITHIN the enterprise application…


 And automatically track engagement history in the system of record (e.g. CRM)…



 Without having to “swivel chair” to separate social apps…


 So you can leverage the social channel for customer service in your CRM just like you do with email, calls, etc…


 Let’s also clarify that Buzzient is NOT:


 There are 100’s of these, none of which provide embedded, transparent integration of social content and action within enterprise applications like Buzzient does.


 Enterprise applications are not strictly hosted (e.g. the Salesforce.com model) nor on-premises (e.g. the Siebel model.) Buzzient can integrate with both on-premises and hosted apps.


Buzzient’s platform enables you to seamlessly share social across your multiple enterprise apps with our out-of-the-box integrations or Social API.