January 2012 Buzzient New Product Launch Press Release

New Buzzient Products Add Publishing and Chat To Social Media Efforts

Buzzient Publish2Social and Social2Chat enable easier creation and tracking of social media as well as a direct link between Online Chat and Social Channels

Boston, MA January 9, 2012 – Buzzient, a leading social media platform company, today announced 2 new products: Buzzient Publish2Social and Social2Chat. These new products give customers more ways to engage with customers and when combined with Buzzient Enterprise build out more compelling social media programs for sales, service, and loyalty initiatives.

“Buzzient is focused on bringing a comprehensive social media solution for the enterprise and both of these products improve the customer experience over social media channels” remarked Timothy B. Jones, Buzzient Founder and CEO.  “Publish2Social makes it easy for organizations to manage outbound social media programs and Social2Chat directs social media to online chat agents for real-time communications. Both of these products were developed after overwhelming demand from existing and prospective customers”.

“We’re seeing 2012 start out with tremendous demand for social media solutions tailored for the enterprise. Whereas passive listening was the vogue with first generation monitoring companies of 5 years ago, today sophisticated corporations using social media require integration of social data with CRM, ERP, HCM and other core applications. Furthermore, corporations need to engage on the social channels with end customers, hence why outbound publishing and chat integration are key requirements. We expect that 2012 will only see heightened interest in these solutions”

“Companies have to figure out how to leverage social media to stay current” says Peter Goldmacher, Managing Director with the Cowen Group. “But activity on social media isn’t necessarily productivity on social media and the best run companies will make that distinction by understanding social in the context of their daily business operations.”

Buzzient Publish2Social Features:

  • Social Media Post Management. Create, schedule and track social media posts for Facebook and Twitter from a single easy to use interface. Add images to posts and URL links are automatically shortened.
  • Post Analytics and Usage tracking. Track click through rates of links over time and across social networks. Monitor progress of Daily Active Users on Facebook.
  • Geographic targeting. Target Facebook posts to a specific city, country or region.
  • Affordable Pricing. Buzzient Publish2Social is available immediately and costs under $10 per month.

Buzzient Social2Chat Features:

  • Turn Tweets and Posts to Chat. With just one click, support representatives can reply back to customer over social media and include a link to chat in the response.
  • Full Customer Interaction Data. Agents see the full social media thread that initiated the chat session inside their Oracle Live Help engagement console window.

About Buzzient

Buzzient uses patent-pending technology to automatically collect information from social media sources in real-time, analyze the content based on customer specifications, then turn this social media data into actionable information through integration with CRM and contact center applications. The Buzzient Enterprise™ solution gives customers everything they need to leverage existing sales and customer support processes in the world of social media. The company is based in Boston’s Innovation District. For more information please visit: www.buzzient.com



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